Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Honor of the Dragon

I discovered from a few sources that today is Appreciate a Dragon Day. I love odd ball holidays because it makes every day seem special. Last October we had a birthday party for our house. It turned 70 . We made cupcakes and sang it Happy Birthday. 4-year olds really dig any reason for a cupcake. To celebrate this special day, Button Boy found a dragon craft on-line to immortalize one of his favorite creatures.

The directions were very vague and the page was cluttered with ads and links which only further confused things. We pretty much made the dragon by looking at the photographs. I thought this would be a straight forward project, but we managed to make some mistakes. We used an 18 cup egg carton instead of 12 – which does not work for the mouth. We improvised by only using the bottom of the egg carton. I admit this craft was too complex for Button Boy, but I figure I can stand in when ever he needs a little help. After all our craft time is always part of our family time.

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