Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Every Princess Needs a Crown

Button Boy had a spur of the moment play date with his friend Bubbles today. I needed to find a craft quickly and I really hate firing up the computer when I don't have a lot of time. Bubbles' mother said she loves to color, but I was feeling the need to do something slightly girly since I live in a house full of trains and Matchbox cars. I found a See-Through Crown made out of packing tape in Creative Crafts for Kids. I hate to use another project from the same book so quickly, but I am in love with this book. I already have at least five projects ear marked to try. I really want to make the homemade lip balm for myself.

First off - I was bad and did not read the instructions carefully. I can hear a teacher crying right now. Anyway, I tore off about a foot of packing tape and laid it in front of the kids, sticky side up. They added thin strips of paper, ric rac, ribbon and stickers with dashes of loose sparkles and sparkly glue. Go easy on the sparkles. They can prevent the tape from sticking to itself. When they were finished, I placed another foot long strip, sticky side down, directly on top of the other piece to seal everything in. We made another tape strip just like this and connected it with the first tape strip to fit around each child's head. 

The actual directions wanted us to line up the strips of paper on a board or table and sprinkle glitter on top. Then you press the strip of tape on top, sticky side down until everything adheres. Then flip it over and put another piece of tape on top. I think our method was a little cleaner, even though I tried on Button Boy's crown and ended up with tons of sparkles in my hair. Anyway the kids loved the process and the finished crown. That's all that important, right?

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