Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dining on Volcanoes

I am always searching for recipes that Button Boy can make by himself. If he puts it together, it will end up in his mouth. Banana Volcanoes from Parents Connect peaked my interest. It calls for just five ingredients and the stove is not involved. See the link below for the recipe:

I let Button Boy cut up the bananas with a plastic kids knife. We skipped the lemon juice step. I  knew we would eat them immediately and I am not a fan of the acidic flavor it leaves. He tried to spread the peanut butter lava on the tops, which were a little too slick for his little hands. It might help to dry them off with a paper towel. I do that when we make Frogs on a Log with apple slices. Button Boy finished off the volcanoes with a shake of sprinkles and added a leftover Christmas marshmallow for the smoke effect. This has to be the simplest snack ever and he ate an entire banana which usually never happens. He's a vegetable guy. Plus he a got a nice boost of protein from the peanut butter. Obviously this would not be a great snack for kids with peanut allergies, but I'm sure you could find a nice alternative spread like preserves.

The volcano idea sparked a finger foods feast for lunch that day all inspired by Button Boy. Check out the photo of his spread below. We had a nice discussion over lunch about what foods pair well with each other. He wanted to spread peanut butter on pineapple which tasted awful by the way, but it was worth a try. Happy dining with your kids!

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