Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hearts All A Flutter

So being the early planner that I am, I am already thinking about Valentine's Day cards for Button Boy's preschool class. I asked him what he would like and he said the cards had to have have antlers (he meant antennas). He is still a little hung up on Christmas. We found a cute little butterfly made of two connecting hearts with a pencil body and pipe cleaner antennas from Family Fun Magazine's website. It looked doable for a 4-year old with some adult supervision. By the way, this site had 38 other Valentine card ideas for all different ages.

Button Boy struggled to cut the butterfly wings due to the tight dips of the hearts and the thicker card stock. We tried construction paper, but it was not strong enough to hold the pencil. I encouraged him to do the best he could and I would clean up the edges later. He made it through three sets of wings. Daddy decided to join us in the project by helping us cut the other 27 sets of wings. Button Boy added pops of color with sticker dots, starting a discussion about contrasting colors when he stuck yellow dots on a blue wing. I cut the slits for the pencil and Button Boy inserted it with no problems. He suggested we tape the back of the wings and antennas so they would not spin around the pencil – which was an excellent idea. He is always gunning to pull out the Scotch tape. He got a 3 pack from Santa so he would stop running off with Mommy's. It didn't work, but now I can run off with his.

This was a nice nice easy craft that came off looking really nice with a minimal amount of supplies. Plus Button Boy got his antennas.

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