Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Drink Fit for a Superhero

Food Fit for Kids is one the first groups I began to follow on Twitter. Button Boy and I perused their site for the perfect recipe to try. He immediately honed in on the Superhero Shake because it was green. He is an extremely adventurous eater. Last night he woofed down two servings of brussel sprouts, a small baked sweet potato and shiitake mushrooms. So the fact that there was spinach in this smoothie actually excited him. My husband took one look at the photo and said “Yuck!” I told him he had to take at least one sip or Button Boy would be heart broken. Guilt works real well sometimes.

I wanted to work with what we had in the frig so I swapped out the plain yogurt for vanilla and omitted the honey. I love this site because they have little symbols in the recipes to let you know when it's a good time to let your young ones participate. Button Boy peeled the bananas and dumped them in with the spinach. The smoothie came out the color of celery, which I have to admit looks kind of gross. Button Boy took one long sip and proclaimed “This is awesome.” I could definitely see some kids being squeamish about the color. My husband took a sip and said he could taste the spinach. All I could taste was the bananas and yogurt. Here's to veggies in our smoothies.

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