Friday, February 25, 2011

Fishy Friday

We spent a snowy, fun filled day experimenting with crafts that made us think of warmer weather. First we painted our tropical water backdrop by mixing green and blue tempura paint with ample amounts of real water. We just let the brush go where ever it may - just like the ocean. Then we created a few tropical creatures to swim in our oasis of tropical waters.

Button Fish
What a simple, but cute idea. We used buttons instead of beads and came up with an equally nice project.

Pudgy Fish Sculptures

I loved the instructions on this site. They provided color photos of each step and made them seem really simple to put together. We used Crayola Model Magic instead of Fimo clay. I am not a fan of Model Magic, but we had some in our crafts stash. It’s really expensive and reminds me of stale marshmallows. One of the sealed packages was completely dried out.  I prefer homemade dough myself.

Paper Plate Jelly Fish
I have no idea what site this idea originally came from. I found a photo of it on on the link above at the very bottom of the page. We sort of made up the directions as we went. I think they used crepe paper for the tentacles, but I thought blue plastic bags strips made a nice swap.

Here's to sunny days and warmer weather!


  1. Haha I love it, Fishy Friday! :-) So what you you have in store for Money Monday? :-)

  2. Hey - You're the first person to comment on my actual blog. We did not have Money Monday, but we did play outside. Button Boy took me for a walk. I let him lead the way. We ended up buying bird seed at the hardware store.